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the Gorton family


Fourth Generation (3 x Grandparents)



John Gorton was born at  Swaline St in Marylebone on 24 Mar 1797, chr 8 May 1797 at Providence Chapel Titchfield St and Grays Inn Marylebone, father John Gorton, mother Mary Clements. (source Parish Records FRC)

He married Anne Adams 29 Nov 1818 at St Dunstan’s in Stepney.  Both were of this parish.  Witnesses were … Price (witness to a number of marriages) and James Duffield.  (source Parish Records LMA)

According to London and County Directory of Professions and Trades, in 1811, John Gorton was a cymbal and triangle maker and smith general, of 38 Henry St, Hampstead Road.  (NB if this is the John Gorton born in 1797 he would only be 14 years old in 1811 – was his father John also a music smith?)

On Silas’s Theophilus’s marriage certificate, John Gorton was a smith, however on his eldest son John’s marriage certificate, both he and his father’s occupation is ‘music smith’. And in the 1861 census, Silas Theophilus Gorton was also a music smith.

Children of John and Ann Gorton:

John Gorton, born 31 oct 1820 at Little Charles Street, Hampstead Road, St Pancras, chr 6 may 1860 at French Huguenot Church Savoy.  Godfathers Rev. J Mudry, Dominique du Pontet, godmother Marguerite Mudry  (source HSL)  John Gorton was a music smith who married Isabel Starr in 1846 and they had two sons - John and Joseph. Joseph's son (another John) emigrated to Canada around 1912 with his family and they are ancestors of ZH. In 1851, John and Isabella were living in Mason St, Depford with their children John 4 and Joseph 2 [HO107/1584 f63]

Rhoda Gorton, b 26 nov 1822, chr 27 mar 1837 at Old church St Pancras  dau of John and Ann, smith of Bagham St (source Parish Records LMA) Married to George Wyatt on 25 April 1850 at Old Church St Pancras (source IGI DR)   In the 1851 census they are living at 43 Store St, St Giles – George is a tailor age 38, born in Bath, Rhoda is 26 and they have a two month old son, eorge Henry.  Also living with them is ‘Celey Gonton’ – sister, age 9  (this must be Cecilia. [HO107/1509 f48] Have looked for the Wyatt family in 1861,71 and 81 census but no sign of them (apart from daughter Emma J Wyatt who was living with her aunt Emma in 1871 (see below).  No deaths for Rhoda Wyatt between 1855 and 1871 either – did they emigrate?

Emma Margaret Gorton, b 24 sep 1824, chr 27 mar 1837 at Old Church St Pancras, dau of John and Ann, smith of Bayham St  (source Parish Records LMA) Although Emma Margaret appears to have remained single (she was godmother to several siblings in 1855) have been unable to find her in 1851 census. However, an Emma Margaret Gorton did marry in [1870 jun St Pancras 1b, 11] to Clark Kennedy.  In the 1871 census, Emma M Kennedy was a wife, aged 49 living at St Pauls Cres, Kentish Town, no sign of her husband, but her niece Emma J Wyatt, aged 15, was living with her [RG10/235 f16]  An Emma Margaret Kennedy died [1879 dec Marylebone 1a, 416].   Clark Kennedy seems to have been born in Hempnell, Norfolk: in the 1851 census, he was aged 28, an Innkeeper in Wangford Suffolk with his wife Elizabeth, 24 and son Robert C Kennedy aged 1 [HO107/1803 f777].  In the 1861 census, he was a widower, aged 38 and working as a porter at 5-9 Regent Street [RG9/62 f21]. There was no sign of him in the 1871 census, but in the 1881 census, he was back at 5-9 Regent Street  [RG11/0127 f18], still a porter, now aged 58 and once again a widower!  By the time of the 1891 census, Clark Kennedy was back home in Hempnall Norfolk, living with his brother William’s family – where he was given as a widower ‘living on own means’ age 68 [RG12/1545 f25].  Another Kennedy family lived next door. Clark Kennedy died age 70 in [1893 jun Depwade 4b, 146]

William Joseph Gorton, b 21 nov 1829 at 6 Diana Place, New Road, St Pancras, chr 11 dec 1853 at French Huguenot Church Savoy – godfathers Richard Auguste Baes, John Kilner, godmother Emma Margarite Gorton. (source HSL) William Joseph married a Mary A a Mary Wilshin in [1854 jun Pancras, 1b, 116]. From census information, the couple do not appear to have had any children.  In the 1861 census, William was working as an oilman and the couple were living at 14 Stibbington St, St Pancras [RG9/114 f9] and in the 1881 census [RG11/0179 f77] he was aged 50 and a grocer, Mary Ann was 47, born in Middx and they were living at 182 Albany St (source 1881 census DR) ). In 1891, William and Mary Ann were still living at 182 Albany St , now with a companion, Gertrude A Birck age 20. [RG12/117 f91] By 1901 the couple had moved to 74 Archway Road, where William (now aged 70) is now described as an oilman and colourman [RG13/1243 f105].

Edwin Gorton, b 9 dec 1831 at 21 Bayham Str, Camden Town, chr 11 dec 1853 at French Huguenot Church Savoy – godfathers Richard Auguste Baes, John Kilner, godmother Emma Margarite Gorton. (source HSL)   In the 1851 census, Edwin (or Edward?) was living with his widowed mother and his occupation was ‘pianoforte maker’ (see below)   There is no sign of Edwin in censuses after this date – did he die (or emigrate) sometime after his baptism in 1853?      Checked deaths from 1853 to 1864 – no sign.                                      

Mary Ann Gorton, b 1 oct 1835, St Pancras, died 23 aug 1872 married William Rogers

Silas Theophilus Gorton, b 30 jun 1839 at 1 Henry Str, Old Kent Road, Hatcham, Surrey, chr 1 apr 1855 at French Huguenot Church Savoy.  Godfathers John Mudry, Richard Auguste Baes, godmother Emma Gorton (source HSL)

Cecilia Hannah Gorton, b 14 aug 1841 at 1 Henry Str, Old Kent Road, Hatcham, Surrey, chr 1 apr 1855 Godfather John Mudry, godmothers Marguerite Mudry, Emma Margaret Gorton (source FHS) In the 1861 census, Cecilia was working as a housemaid in the household of James Vincent, solicitor, at 25 Bloomfield Terr, Kensington [RG9/6 p8].  Cecilia married Edwin Morgan Smith on 31 aug 1867 at Trinity Church in St Marylebone, both were of full age and Edwin’s occupation was mariner of Trinity district, father Wm Henry Smith in Her Majestys Post Office, Cecilia was dau of John Gorton Smith (deceased and the witnesses were William Joseph Gorton and William Henry Smith and Ann Burrows Stone. (source marriage certificate DR) Their son Edwin William Gorton Smith, born on 6 jun 1869  86 Stanhope Str, St Pancras, was bap at Savoy Huguenot Church – Silas Gorton was a godfather.  In the 1871 census, Edwin and Cecilia were living at 65 Stanhope St, Pancras [RG10/205 f20]. According to 1881 census, when the family were living at 41 Grove Road, they also had a daughter Cicilia M Smith, born about 1875.

(source for Huguenot baptisms: HSL Quarto Series of publications of Huguenot Society –vol XXVI  registers of French Churches of Savoy, Spring Gardens and Les Grecs at Guildhall Library)

why did the children get baptised as adults?  What was connection with French Huguenots?  Although there is no record of Emma Margaret Gorton being baptised at the French Huguenot Church, she was the godmother for several Gorton children and also that of Thomas Paddon.  A number of  Steadman children were baptised at the Savoy church around the same time, and one of the mothers was a Sarah Steadman (nee Adams) – was she related to Ann Adams? [find birth of Sarah Adams to see if she was Ann’s sister. Also need to find Joseph Adams – brother-in law on John Gorton’s death certificate.  He was a music smith in 1841 census and was left a bequest by Joseph Gorton, John’s brother.]

In the 1841 census, John and Ann Gorton were living at Henry Street, in Hatcham: (HO107/488/17 f21)

  • John Gorton, 44, smith

  • Ann Gorton, 42

  • John, 20

  • William, 12

  • Edwin, 7

  • Mary, 5

  • Silas, 2

(all except the youngest child, Silas, were born outside the parish)

and living next door was the following family:

  • Isabella Starr, 50

  • Richard, 20, labourer

  • Thomas, 15, labourer

  • Charlotte, 10

  • John, 6

  • Elizabeth Beach, 9

In nearby Park Place, Deptford, living in the household of John Austin, leather seller, and his family, was:

  •    Isabella Starr, 23, female servant

This is the Isabella Starr (born in 1818 in Mountfield Sussex) who married young John Gorton in 1846 in St Pancras.  And the family next door to the Gortons are her mother and brothers and sister.

[check 1851 census – HO7/1550-1554 stepney F24, Whitechapel 22/4-5] 

[check 1861 census]

John Gorton died on 15th Nov 1846 at Little George Street in Somers Town.  The certificate states that he was aged 49 years, occupation Music Smith.  The cause of death was Ascites, 6 weeks certified.  The information was provided by Joseph Adams, brother-in-law, present at the death, of 11 Cleveland Street.  (source Death Certificate)  Is Joseph Adams the brother of Ann Adams? NB John Gorton’s father, also John Gorton, died at 4 Cleveland Street in 1843.


Born about 1798 (acc to census info) It is probable that she had a brother Joseph and a sister Sarah, however have been unable to find a family with these children.  [keep looking]

Married John Gorton on 29 Nov 1818 at St Dunstan in Stepney.  (NB on the marriage register, she signed her name as Anne)

FamSearch IGI lists a number of Ann Adams born in East end of London, however, as Silas T was born in 1840 and she did not marry until 1818, her birth date is likely to be between 1795 and 1801.  The first is the most likely, as the names William and Hannah both appear as John and Ann Gorton’s children’s names, however this couple to do not appear to have also had children named Sarah and Joseph.

a)       Ann Jane Adams, chr 26 dec 1798 St Mary Whitechapel, father William Adams of Whites Yard, mother Hannah (source Parish Records LMA)

b)       Ann Adams, b 17 jan 1798, chr 11 mar 1798 at Holywell Lane, St Leonards Shroeditch.  Father Fortune Adams, mother Catharine

c)       Ann Adams, b 1 aug 1798, chr 26 aug 1798 at St Botolph without Aldersgate, father James Adams, mother Elizabeth

d)       Ann Adams, chr 5 apr 1801 at St John Hackney. Father William Adams (would have been 39 when Silas T born and 17 when married)

e)       Ann Adams, b 28 dec 1800 chr 18 jan 1801 at St Leonards Shoreditch, father Jonas Adams, mother Jane Margaret

In the 1851 census, John had died and Ann was living in the same house as Silas Gorton’s future wife Isabella Walker, at 78 Mary St, Regents Park [HO107/1493 f186]:

  • Robert Walker, head, wid, 50, pianoforte maker, b. Scotland

  • Isabella Walker, dau, unm 23, b. Scotland

  • Ann Walker, dau, unm, 17, b Middx St Pancras

  • Mary Walker, dau, unm 15, attending school, b. Middx St Pancras

  • Ann Gorton, head, wid, 50, b. Middx NK

  • William Gorton, son, unm 22, smith, b Middx NK

  • Edward Gorton, son, un 19, pianoforte maker, b Middx St Pancras (this must be Edwin)

  • Felix, son, 10, b Kent Deptford (is this Silas?)

Also living in the house were Mary Fricks , wid, 74 b Devon and her two unmarried daughters Mary 42, and Elizabeth, 40.

In the 1861 census, Ann Gorton was living at 26 Montague Street, Bloomsbury [RG9/166 p38]:

  • Ann Gorton, servant, widow, 61, domestic servant, born Middx St Pancras

  • Julia Collet, servant, unm, 19, domestic servant, born Oxford Kirklington?

In the 1871 census, there was an Ann Gorton, aged 65, widow, born London, living as a housekeeper in the household of Louisa Fuller, 68 professor of music at 9 Nottingham Terrace, Marylebone [RG10/178 f19].  Could this be her?.

Ann Gorton died 9 dec 1873 at 61 Stanhope Street, Regents Park, Pancras, aged 74 years.  She was the widow of William(?) Gorton, music smith and the cause of death was senile decay certified.  The death was reported by Mary Ann Dexter present at death of 61 Stanhope Street, Pancras. (source death certificate)   

NB In the 1871 census, living at 61 Stanhope St was [RG10/205 19]:

  • William Dexter, 54, smith, born Middx

  • Mary Ann Dexter, 50, born Surrey

  • Mary Dexter, 67, widow, born Herts

Not sure if or how the Dexters are related to Ann Gorton – Ann’s daughter Mary Ann would only be 36 in 1871 and she was married to a William Rogers. Perhaps she was a sister?, or Ann may just have been a lodger at the Dexter's house. NOTE: Also living in Stanhope Street in the 1871 census were Silas Theophilus and his wife Catherine (at number 86) and Cecilia Hannah and her husband Edwin Smith (at number 65).  And just around the corner from Stanhope Street was Henry Street - where John Gorton is known to have had his workshops at number 38 Henry Street.

William Rebbeck

Born in 1794 and chr 1 nov 1794 at Cranbourne Dorset, son of James Rebbeck and Catherine Tarver (source JRW)

Married to Mary Davis, 4 may 1834 at St James Paddington, after banns.  William was a bachelor and Mary a spinster and both were of the parish. Witnesses were M Marshall and Charlotte Hawkins  (source Parish Records). William would have been aged 40 at the time of this marriage, although the record states he was a bachelor – had he been married previously? 

There is another marriage of a William Rebbeck on 7 mar 1829, to Elizabeth Parsons, by Licence at St Marylebone  (source Parish Records) .  This William was a widower and Elizabeth was a spinster; witnesses were Mary Howland and Thomas Ford – look for this couple in census, and check record of Licence application.

According to marriage certificate of Silas Gorton and Catharine Victoria Rebbeck in 1870, William Rebbeck was a publican, living in Hackney.  William Rebbeck is listed in the Post Office Directory (small edition) of 1852 as the publican of the Golden Anchor PH in Great Saffron Hill.

In the 1841 census, the family were living in Saffron Hill, Finsbury [HO107/671 f6]:

  • William Rebeck, 45, publican

  • Mary, 35

  • Mary 6

  • William, 4

  • Catherine, 3

  • Matilda, 1

  • Sarah Postings, 17, servant

Also at 121 Saffron Hill in 1841 census was his sister-in-law (widow of his brother George) [HO107/671 f33]:

  • Catherine Rebbeck, 38, victualler

And at the Distillers Arms in Saffron Hill were his brother’s family [HO107/671 f5]:

  • A Rebeck (male), 26, victualler (this is Arthur Rebbeck)

  • M. Rebeck (f) 25 (Mary Rebbeck – she died of consumptionin Nov 1842 – see below)

  • George Harcourt, 15, male servant

In the 1851 census, William Rebbeck was landlord at the Golden Anchor Public House at 59 Great Saffron Hill, Farrindon Road:

  • William Rebbeck, 53, widower, licenced victualler, born Dorset Cranbourne

  • William, son, 14, servant, born Middlesex Hampstead

  • Mary, dau, 16, servant, born Middlesex Hampstead

  • George,  son, 11, born Middlesex St Andrews Matilda, dau, 10, born Middlesex St Andrews

  • Alfred, son, 8, born Middlesex St Andrews

  • Mary Curleys, 30, servant, born Bristol Somerset

(daughter Catherine was living with her aunt Elizabeth Paternoster – see previous generation)

At the Coopers Arms public house, at 121 Great Saffron Hill, lived:

  • Catherine Rebbeck, 50, widow, licenced victualler, born Wales Brecon

  • George, 20 asistant, born Surrey Chertsey (b 2 jun 1830, chr 30 jan 1831 Chertsey, father George, mother Catherine) (source IGI)

  • Mary Ann Reid, servant, 17, houseservant, born Ireland

Catherine Rebbeck is the widow of one of William’s brothers, George (see below)

A Catherine Rebbeck died in 1864 dec Bermondsey, 1d, 56.

Saffron Hill was a notorious district in the mid 1800s – full of thieves and pickpockets – Charles Dickens based Fagin’s den there in the novel ‘Oliver Twist’ and based Fagin himself on a real life character named Ikey Solomons, who was a notorious fence who lived there and lived off the earnings of a tribe of small boys who were trained as pickpockets.  It was also the location of a Ragged School and saw the introduction in 1851 of the Boot Black Brigade, which succeeded in providing jobs and a lodgings for homeless boys.  Many Italians lived in the area and the first penny ice cream vendors and barrel organs (complete with monkeys) originated there. (source Victorian London)

In searching for the death of William Rebbeck’s wife Mary between 1841 and 1851, I came across the death certificate of another Mary Rebbeck who died aged 26 of consumption in November 1842 at 11 Great Saffron Hill.  She has turned out to be the wife of Arthur Rebbeck, Licenced Victualler of Great Saffron Hill.  Arthur Rebbeck is the youngest brother of William and George (see below)

William Rebbeck died on 1 July 1857 at 21 Clerkenwell Green – he was aged 63 years and his occupation was given as Licensed Victualler.  The cause of death was ‘diseased heart, dropsy 4 months, certified.  The death was reported by Esther Aikin of 21 Clerkenwell Green. (source death certificate)

Mary Davis

Was born about 1805

Married in1834 to William Rebbeck

Mary Rebbeck died on 9 June 1849 at 79 Chapel Street, Clerkenwell.  She was aged 44 years, the wife of William Rebbeck, licensed victualler and the cause of death was consumption, certified.  The death was reported by Harriet Hamilton, present at the death, also of 79 Chapel Street. (source death certificate)

Children of William and Mary Rebbeck  The first four children were recorded as children of William and Mary Rebeck of Hampstead, licensed victualler (source Parish Records):

Mary Rebbeck, born 1835, chr 25 feb 1835, St John’s Hampstead

James Rebbeck, chr 25 feb 1835 St John’s Hampstead – this James must have died

William John Rebbeck, chr 7 oct 1836, St John’s Hampstead

Catherine Victoria Rebbeck, chr 20 sep 1837 St John’s Hampstead.  married to Silas T Gorton in 1870

George James, born 15 feb 1839, chr 10 may 1839 St Andrews Holborn) [1839 mar Holborn 2, 137. - a George Rebbeck died in 1876 pancras, age 37

James Henry, born 15 feb  1839, chr 10 may 1839 St Andrews Holborn [1839 mar Holborn 2, 137] – died 1865?

Matilda Rebbeck b 1840 [1840 jun Holborn 2, 139]

Alfred Rebbeck, born on 24 December 1842 at 59 Great Saffron Hill in the district of Holborn. His father was William Rebbeck, licensed victualler and his mother Mary Rebbeck, formerly Davis  (source birth certificate)(chr 26 mar 1843, St Andrews Holborn) – Alfred married Catherine Worms (1828-1889) on 14 Feb 1868 in Pancras, and they had a son Henry Alfred (1875-1876) (source JRW). An Alfred Rebbeck died 1897 islington age 53)

John Hill

Born about 1826 in Enfield, christened 5 mar 1826 at St Andrew in Enfield, father William Hill, mother Susan                                                                               [check birth]

John Hill married Ann Ford of Hatfield on 9th Nov 1851 at the Parish Church in Hatfield.  At the time of the marriage, John Hill was aged 25, a bachelor occupation labourer, living in Hatfield.  His father was William Hill, also a labourer.  Ann Ford was aged 22, spinster of Hatfield, her father was William Ford, a labourer.  Witnesses John White and Emma Munt (source Marriage Certificate)  

The Eight Bells, formerly the Five Bells, on the corner of Park Street and Fore Street in Old Hatfield.

Charles Dickens, who came to Hatfield as a newspaper reporter to cover the fire which killed the 1st Marchioness of Salisbury, included it in Oliver Twist.  The book's villain, Bill Sykes, calls there for a drink following his murder of Nancy. Since this photograph was taken by the postcard company Valentine in the early 1900s, the pub has taken over the adjoining shop premises.

In the 1861 census, the Hill family were living in Chapman’s Yard, Park Street, Hatfield (records stated all were born in Hatfield) [RG9/825 f114]:

  • John Hill, head, mar, 33, ag lab

  • Ann, wife, 31

  • John, son, 10, scholar

  • James, son, 6, scholar

  • Rosa, dau, 3                 

At 1871 census, the Hill family were living at 36 Great Northern Cottages in Finsbury [RG10/264 f71]:

  • John Hill, age 46, occ. Coal labourer, born Middlesex

  • Ann, age 39, born in Hertfordshire

  • James, 16, occ. Coal Labourer, born Hertfordshire

  • Rosa, 12, born Hertfordshire

  • Henry, 10, born Middlesex

  • Frederick, 7, born Middlesex

In the 1881 census, the family were living at 45 Brewery Road [RG11/0238 f74]:

  • John Hill, 57, born Edmonton, occupation Carman

  • Ann Hill, 47, born Hatfield

  • Henry Hill, 19, born London, occ. Carman

  • Frederick Hill, 16, born London, Carman

So, from their children's places of birth, the Hill family seem to have moved from Hatfield to London soon after the 1861 census.

Ann Ford

Born 1830 and baptised  on 8th aug 1830  in Hatfield.  Ann’s father was William Ford, a labourer, and her mother was Lettice or Lettitia Ford, formerly Greenham.(source Parish Records)

Children of John and Ann Hill:

John Hill, born about 1851 in Hatfield

James Hill, born 20 dec 1855 in Hatfield

Rosa Hill, born about 1859 in Hertfordshire

Henry Hill, born about 1861 in Middlesex

Frederick Hill, born about 1864 in Middlesex


Born about 1827 (probably in Saffron Walden) [find William in 1841 census, in Essex]

Married Caroline Richardson 25 dec 1845 at the Parish Church in Saffron Walden.  Both were described as ‘minors’, William was a labourer of Saffron Walden, no name was given for his father, his mother’s name was Harriet Ridgewell.  Caroline Richardson was also of Saffron Walden and her father was Thomas Richardson, a labourer.  Witnesses were John Pridger and Sarah Smith.  (source Marriage Certificate)

William Ridgewell died on 4 Jun 1901 at 21 Cornelia Street, aged 74 years occupation coal porter.  The cause of death was irregular cardiac action, enlarged prostate, diarrhoea 1 day, symcope.  The death was reported by his daughter Rosetta Ward, present at the death, of 27 Nailor St, Islington. (source death certificate DR)

                            [check 1851 census either Saffron Walden or West Islington]

Caroline Richardson

Born about 1826 and christened 29 jan 1826 in Saffron Walden, father Thomas Richardson, mother Sarah (source IGI) [check birth]  [look for death of Caroline Richardson after 1871]  

[find the Ridgewells in 1851 census, probably in Saffron Walden]

In the 1861 census, the Ridgewells were living at 4 Bolton Terrace in Islington [RG9/131 f43]:

  • W. Ridgewell, head, mar, 34, carman,  b.Saffron Walden

  • E or C Ridgewell, wife, 33, b. Saffron Walden

  • G. Ridgewell, son, 14, b Saffron Walden

  • F. Ridgewell, son, 10, b. Saffron Walden

  • H. Ridgewell, dau, 8, b. Saffron Walden

  • F. Ridgewell, son, 6, b Saffron Walden

  • C Ridgewell, dau, 2, b Middx St Pancras

In the 1871 census the Ridgewells were living at 18 Great Northern Cottages, Strouds Vale, Finsbury [RG10/264 f70]:

  • William Ridgwell, head, 45, coal porter, born Saffron Walden

  • Caroline, wife, 45, born Essex

  • Frederick, 16, errand boy

  • Caroline, 13, scholar

  • James, 10, scholar

  • Emily, 7, scholar (all the children were born in Middx)

In the 1881 census, William Ridgewell was living with his son Joseph and wife Anne Ridgewell  and their children at 4 Cardale Street and both  he and Joseph Ridgewell were coal porters [RG11/0236 f53].

In the 1891 census, William Bridgewell (stet) was aged 65, a widower, coal porter, born Saffron Walden, and living at 95 Frederick St, Islington [RG12/158 140]

In the 1901 census, at the age of 74, William Ridgewell was living with Silas George Gorton’s family in Islington, described as ‘grandfather’ [RG13/176 f18].

Known children of William and Caroline Ridgewell:

Joseph R Ridgewell, born about 1851 in Essex (source 1881 census) was a coal porter and married to Anne  

‘G.’ Ridgewell, son, b ~1847 in Saffron Walden (source 1861 census)

‘F.’ Ridgewell, son, b ~1851 in Saffron Walden (source 1861 census)

‘H.’ Ridgewell, dau, b ~1853 in Saffron Walden (source 1861 census)

Rosetta Ridgewell, born about 1848 in Saffron Walden (source 1901 census) was married to a James Ward

Frederick Ridgewell, born about 1855 in Middlesex (source 1871 census)

Caroline Ridgewell, born 10 Jan 1859 in Islington (birth certificate) and married to James Hill

James Ridgewell, born about 1861 in Middlesex (source 1871 census)

Emily Ridgewell, born about 1864 in Middlesex (source 1871 census)


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